ICVA Award

The ICVA established an award in 1999 to recognize people who have made significant personal contributions to the national examination program. Twenty-two (22) awards have been presented to date.

2020 ICVA Award Recipients

The 2020 ICVA Award Recipients


At the August 2020 ICVA board meeting the prestigious ICVA award was given to two individuals who have worked tirelessly over the last two decades on behalf of veterinary medicine and the ICVA. This was the first presentation of this award since 2015.


Meg Glattly

Dr. Glattly, a retired practitioner from Minnesota, has held multiple roles with the NBVME and ICVA since 2004:

•NBVME/ICVA Board Member (AAVSB designee)

•NBVME/ICVA Executive Committee Member as Secretary-Treasurer

•VCSA (Veterinary Clinical Skills Assessment) – Planning, Pilot work, Assessment reviewer

•Co-Strategy Group member – Developed the NBME/NBVME collaboration

•Governance Working Group member

•NAVLE Practice Analysis Group member

•NAVLE Standard Setting – Small Animal Subject Matter Expert

•Species Specific Standard Setting – Small Animal Subject Matter Expert

•NAVLE Pool and Form Reviews – Small Animal Subject Matter Expert

•CVAGC (Collaboration for Veterinary Assessment Governance Committee) – NBME/ICVA NAVLE collaboration committee member and chair

In addition to a plaque, Dr. Glattly received a commissioned painting based on a beloved photo of her pets taken by her daughter.


Janine Hawley

Ms. Hawley, who recently left the National Board of Medical Examiners after 20 years, was a long-time contributor to the ICVA’s mission through her work at the NBME.

ICVA Collaborations and Contributions:

•Played a lead role in NAVLE development and enhancement from the first administration in 2000 as well as subsequent NAVLE Practice Analyses

•Instrumental in launching the NAVLE Self-Assessments

•Spearheaded key initiatives such as multi-media in web-based testing, online item writing training, and HPS pandemic preparedness planning

NBME Departments and Accomplishments:


•Client Programs/Health Profession Services


•Custom Programs

•Served on NBME Culture team

•Managed start-up web-based In-Training testing programs for six Internal Medicine Specialties and fostered related intra-organizational research opportunities

An avid chef, Ms. Hawley received a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in addition to her plaque.