Assessment Tools And Resources

ICVA’s Academic Veterinary Assessment Working Group has curated the following list of assessment resources. If you have questions or suggestions for resources for the list please send your requests to This list will be updated regularly as more resources are made available online. This list of resources is not intended to be exclusive or exhaustive and ICVA does not endorse or promote a particular resource by virtue of including it on the list. The list of sources is intended to be merely illustrative of the types of assessment resources that are available to the public online.

General Resources

03_Competency_Based_.png Image

Competency Based Veterinary Education

AAVMC, a 3-part guide, 3 pdfs

05_Evaluation_Resources_.png Image

Evaluation Resources

WMU, numerous pdf checklists

Selected Response

Online Assessment Methods

Constructed Response

Observation/Workplace Based Assessment

Research Methods

01_Assessment_Methods_.png Image

Assessment Methods

NCME, print and video resources

03_Guide.png Image

Guide for Constructing Surveys

Colorado State U, multiple survey formats

04_Sample.png Image

Sample size calculator

Raosoft, online calculator

05_Effect_Size_.png Image

Effect size calculator

UCCS, online calculator

06_Content_Analysis.png Image

Content Analysis

U of Texas, 12-page pdf