ICVA has numerous opportunities for those wanting to volunteer:

Examinations / Subject Matter Experts

ICVA is constantly in the process of developing and reviewing new test items and examination forms for each of our assessments. Volunteers from all parts of veterinary medicine are an integral part of ICVA’s efforts to provide world-class examinations and other assessment tools to protect the public, and animal health and welfare.

Subject matter experts in basic sciences, clinical sciences, academicians, veterinarians in clinical practice, and veterinarians working in areas outside of traditional clinical practice (such as public health, food safety, herd management, wildlife conservation, etc.) are all welcome to apply. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with the NAVLE, VEA®, or Species Specific Examinations, please contact our office at mail@icva.net for more information.

Board and Committee

We also send out calls for nominations for committees like the Assessment Development Committee (ADC) and the ICVA Board of Directors (BOD). This is a great opportunity for those interested in advancing the field of veterinary assessment. Those interested in learning more about these positions should contact Jeanne Blasewitz at jblasewitz@icva.net.