Practice Versions of the NAVLE

NAVLE Self-Assessments

NAVLE self-assessments are web-based practice examinations designed to help NAVLE candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses as they prepare for the NAVLE, and to help them learn about the content and format of the NAVLE.  Multiple English and French versions are offered, and a score report is immediately available after completion of an assessment.


NAVLE Competencies and Diagnoses

This section covers the clinical and professional competencies required of veterinarians as they perform their daily responsibilities, such as Communication, Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Practice Management, Professionalism, Health Management, One Health Concepts, and Epidemiology.

Clinical diagnoses were grouped by species and organ system within species, for most species. Similar species were grouped together for the purpose of analyses.


Computer Based NAVLE Tutorial

A free computer based NAVLE tutorial, which includes 20 sample questions, is available at the link below. One is offered in English and one is offered in French.   All candidates are encouraged to practice with the tutorial prior to taking the actual examination at the Prometric testing center.

Sample NAVLE Questions

Sixty sample test questions and an answer key are available by clicking on the link below.  We have selected these 60 questions to provide NAVLE candidates with an idea of the type of questions that appear on the NAVLE. These sample questions represent the various species and content areas of the examination, but do not address all of the NAVLE content areas.