ICVA Award

The ICVA established an award in 1999 to recognize people who have made significant personal contributions to the national examination program. Twenty-two (22) awards have been presented to date.

2021 ICVA Award Recipients

ICVA Staff, 2021 ICVA Award

  • ICVA Staff, 2021 ICVA Award
    • Ms. Kelly Collins
    • Dr. Elizabeth Johnson Million
    • Dr. Heather Case
    • Ms. Laurie Holverson
    • Ms. Tonee VanderVliet
    • Dr. Courtney Vengrin
    • Dr. Kent Hecker
    • Ms. Jeanne Blasewitz
    • Ms. Anita Casey-Reed

The 2021 ICVA award was given to: Jeanne Blazewitz, Dr. Heather Case, Anita Casey-Reed, Kelly Collins, Dr. Kent Hecker, Laurie Holverson, Dr. Elizabeth Million, Tonee VanderVliet, and Dr. Courtney Vengrin.

The ICVA Board of Directors voted unanimously to present this prestigious award to 9 individuals of the ICVA staff for their outstanding response during unprecedented times. COVID brought unique challenges for the ICVA team, testing windows were expanded, schedules were disrupted, and customer service needs skyrocketed as graduating veterinary candidates who needed to take the NAVLE licensing exam searched for open testing centers. These 9 individuals went above and beyond during the pandemic, working tirelessly to continue the ICVA mission: providing world-class assessments to protect animals and humans alike.