NAVLE Self-Assessment

The ICVA offers web-based NAVLE Self-Assessments. Three unique forms are available in English, and two unique forms are offered in French.  There is only one form of each assessment.   All NAVLE Self-Assessments follow the current blueprint of the NAVLE.

Purchase a NAVLE Self-Assessment


The primary purpose of the NAVLE Self-Assessment is to help candidates identify their relative strengths and weaknesses as they prepare to take the NAVLE. For this purpose, the ICVA recommends that the self-assessment(s) be taken under the standard-paced timing mode in one sitting, with optional brief breaks between sections. Performance feedback data will be more meaningful if a self-assessment is taken under conditions similar to the NAVLE.

The secondary purpose of these self-assessment is to allow individuals interested in seeking veterinary licensure to learn about the content and format of the NAVLE. For this purpose, the self-assessments can be taken under the self-paced timing mode which provides twice the amount of time as the standard-paced timing. Under these conditions, the performance feedback data may not be as useful.

Self-Assessment Formats and Cost

Each NAVLE self-assessment form consists of 200 multiple-choice items, which are presented in four sections of 50 items each. There are 2 types of self-assessment: Regular and Expanded Feedback.

English Form 1 - Regular
English Form 2 - Expanded Feedback
English Form 3 - Regular

French Form 1 - Regular (same items as English Form 1)
French Form 2 - Expanded Feedback (same items as English Form 2)

Regular Self-Assessment fee is $50.00

Expanded Feedback Self-Assessment fee is $65.00.

The expanded feedback form allows the examinee to review the questions and provides answers to incorrectly answered questions.

Fees are be paid by Visa or MasterCard and self-assessment fees are non-refundable.

Timing Modes

Assessments are offered under two timing modes, standard-paced and self-paced. Participants who choose the standard-paced mode will be allowed up to 55 minutes to complete each section, for a total test time of 220 minutes. This is the same timing used on the NAVLE. Participants who choose the self-paced timing mode will be allowed up to 110 minutes to complete each section, for a total test time of 440 minutes. The timing mode cannot be changed once the self-assessment has been accessed by the participant.

Thirty-day Access

A participant must complete a self-assessment within 30 days from launching the assessment. 

Pausing the Assessment and Ending an Assessment Section

At any time during the 30 day administration period, the assessment can be paused and resumed later at the section and item in which a participant was working, provided the time allotted for the assessment selected has not run out. For example, if a participant purchases a standard-paced self-assessment, they will have up to 55 minutes to complete each of the four sections. Assume this participant launches their assessment and works in section one for 30 minutes, answers 30 of the 50 items in that section, and then pauses the assessment. They access the assessment again two days later. The assessment will resume at question 31 of section one, and the participant will have 25 minutes remaining to complete the section one questions. They can then move on to section two, where they will have 55 minutes to complete that section, 55 minutes to complete section three, and 55 minutes to complete section four, within the 30 day access period. If a participant is working in a section and the allotted section time runs out before they answer all the questions, the section will end and they will be unable to answer the remaining questions in that section. 

When a participant completes a section of the self-assessment, the participant must select “End” before proceeding to the next section. Once a section is intentionally ended, or time expires for a section, a participant cannot return to that section. Once the total assessment has been completed, a participant cannot return to review any part of it.

Performance Feedback

A score report is available immediately after completing a self-assessment, showing the percentage of items answered correctly for the total assessment and for each of the main topic areas. The report also indicates the performance of a comparison group of candidates on the same items.

The score report also includes a projected NAVLE score range based on the participant's performance on the assessment.

Research has verified that the projected score range for examinees who take the NAVLE Self-Assessment under the standard-paced timing mode is predictive of later performance on the NAVLE.

Answers to individual questions are not provided for the regular forms of the assessment (forms 1 and 3). However answers are provided to incorrectly answered questons if you purchased the expanded feedback form (form 2).

Website Maintenance

Routine maintenance may occur on the NAVLE Self-Assessment website, and participants may be unable to access a purchased assessment during that maintenance period. Scheduled maintenance will be noted on the News and Updates page of the ICVA website.

Free Sample Assessment and Tutorial

Two free sample assessments (one English and one French, 10 items each) are also available. The sample assessments contain a tutorial which provides an overview of the delivery software and assists the participant with navigating the self-assessment system. An answer key is provided for the free sample assessments.


Please vist our FAQ's to find out more information about the NAVLE Self-Assessments.