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May 8, 2024

ICVA Seeking Progress Test Volunteers

ICVA has been developing a new veterinary educational progress test and is entering a new phase for 2024. We are seeking the invaluable expertise of individuals from AVMA COE-accredited veterinary schools to join as volunteers and play a crucial role in the next steps of the progress test’s development.

Tasks will include:

● Mapping NAVLE and VEA codes to the new Progress Test codes

● Reviewing retired NAVLE and VEA items for possible use in the test.

● Recoding selected content to reflect the progress test blueprint.

● Item revision and possible item writing for content areas requiring additional items to meet the test blueprint requirements.

Your participation will have a lasting impact on the education and assessment of future veterinarians. If you are passionate about shaping the future of veterinary assessment and are interested in contributing, sign up today.

Sign up to volunteer today.