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November 20, 2023

Overview of the Upcoming NAVLE Retake Policy


Commencing with the November–December 2024 administration, the ICVA will be implementing revisions to the NAVLE retake policy for candidates. The updated policy is summarized as follows:

– Candidates will have the opportunity for up to five attempts, inclusive of incomplete ones.

– An incomplete attempt refers to any instance where a candidate initiates the NAVLE but does not complete the examination.

- All attempts made prior to this administration are counted toward the five-attempt limit.

– Candidates may file an appeal with the ICVA Board of Directors for permission to undertake the NAVLE beyond the five-attempt limit.


Changes Made from Previous Policy

The previous NAVLE retake policy, which recommended a maximum of five attempts in five years, allowed licensing boards to have their own NAVLE retake policy with their own limits or to have no limits at all. This new retake policy will apply to ALL candidates, and the five attempts may be taken in the timeframe of the candidate’s own choosing. In order for a candidate to retake the NAVLE after they have failed five previous times, they will need to go through an appeal process with the ICVA, which includes the candidate securing verification from a licensing board that they will accept the candidate’s NAVLE score if the candidate passes the test on that attempt.


Reasons for the Revision

This policy follows assessment best practices by limiting the number of attempts made, which enhances test security while simultaneously providing a more accurate measure of a candidate’s knowledge level. It is also in line with the current retake policy for the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE), providing more clarity for applicants and licensing board personnel.


Notifying NAVLE Candidates

ICVA has emailed all NAVLE candidates who have not yet passed the test so that they can plan accordingly. Please guide any candidate inquiries about the policy to