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July 5, 2023

Submissions Close for 2023 ICVA Assessment Grant program

The ICVA Assessment Grant program, now in its fifth round, was established by the Academic Veterinary Assessment Committee in 2019. This program has a specific objective of supporting research focused on assessment practices in veterinary medical education worldwide. The grant is designed to fund projects that contribute to the development of knowledge in assessment practices and methods, whether they are applied in the pre-clinical or clinical phases of veterinary education. Up to three $10,000 grants are available, and successful projects will be granted a period of two years to carry out their research.

For the 2023 cycle, the letter of intent deadline was June 30th, with a total of seven letters of intent received. These letters are being reviewed by the AVAC, and invitations for full submissions will be made by early August. The full proposal submission deadline is October 30.

The ICVA Assessment Grant program plays a crucial role in advancing the field of veterinary medical education by supporting research that improves assessment practices and methods. By providing financial resources and recognition to researchers in this field, the program aims to foster innovation and promote evidence-based approaches to assessment in veterinary education. The outcomes of these supported projects have the potential to enhance the quality of veterinary education globally and ultimately contribute to the betterment of animal health and welfare.