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September 22, 2023

Tonee McFarlane Celebrates 25 Years with ICVA

Tonee McFarlane Celebrates 25 Years with ICVA

This year marks Tonee McFarlane’s 25th anniversary with ICVA. She has been an invaluable member of the team since 1998. In addition to her long-time role as a program manager, Tonee has recently assumed an expanded position as the head of Technical Operations. She ensures the seamless functioning of ICVA's online NAVLE application, coordinating with database vendors and overseeing technical aspects of the website. Tonee's commitment to improvement led to the creation of the NAVLE Candidate Dashboard, streamlining candidate processes and reducing administrative burdens. With an eye on innovation, she's currently working to launch a new database and improve examination systems.

Tonee's dedication to ICVA's mission is mirrored in her love for the team's camaraderie and high-level customer service. We are pleased to have Tonee as such a valuable member of the team and look forward to the continued innovations to come.

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